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Thai Lottery 100% Sure Tips 16-02-2020

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967134=[ 23=28 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 824

074824=[ 15=65 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 650

345650=[ 12=62 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 628

724628=[ 76=26 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 767

109767=[ 81=31 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 331

570331=[ 32=82 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 324

061324=[ 20=25 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 526

962526=[ 14=19 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 461

516461=[ 00=05 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 055

174055=[ 14=64 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 647

943647=[ 76=26 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 765

369765=[ 05=00 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 006

387006=[ 74=79 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 476

775476=[ 78=28 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 787

798787=[ 88=38 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 388

340388=[ 69=19 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 197

691197=[ 40=45 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 564

812564=[ 73=78 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 375

967375=[ 32=82 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 223

017223=[ 02=52 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 522

453522=[ 24=74 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 924

529924=[ 15=10 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 541

510541=[ 74=79 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 774

491774=[ 27=22 ]=Thai Lottery Pair 227

589227=[ ?2=2? ]=Thai Lottery Pair ???








“We haven’t chose precisely what number of yet,” he said. “It won’t be a path over 1 million.”

Jonathan Jensen, who studies sports showcasing at the University of North Carolina,

said Tokyo coordinators have motivation to be obscure about ticket numbers.