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Today (2 October 2019) at approximately 14.00 hrs. At the Phrom Meeting room outside Building 1, Royal Thai Police Headquarters Mr. Phachara Anantasilp, Director-General of the Excise Department As chairman of the government lottery Police General Suwat Jangyodsuk, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police Government Lottery Committee Along with Police Colonel Bunsong Chantreesri, Director of the Government Lottery Office And Mrs. Tumthong Musikarat, Deputy Director Traveled to donate public benefits in the amount of 4 000 , 000.- baht to support the medical equipment procurement project For the Chalermprakiet Rama 9 male nerve surgery general ward, floor 4/2, Police Hospital With Maj. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda, the national police commander Presided over the delivery ceremony

    Police Colonel Bunsong Chantreesri, Director of the Government Lottery Office Along with the management team, staff and employees of the Office Travel to make Kathin robes for the year 2019 with the people in the nearby area at Tamnak Tai Tai, Mueang Nonthaburi District Nonthaburi Province The event was honored by Mr. Suchin Chaichumsak, Governor of Nonthaburi Province and Mr. Somnuk Thanadechakul, Mayor of Nonthaburi. Participated in offering Kathina robes this time too There is a Kathina amount at the office and people who have merit to make merit together. Totaling 3 459 , 648 baht (three million four hundred fifty five thousand nine thousand six hundred forty eight baht only)

   Police Colonel Boonsong Chantreesri, Director of the Government Lottery Office Travel to attend the opening ceremony Fitness room ” Fitness Center” supported by the Government Lottery Office. To be used as a place to exercise Create unity for civil servants. And the Department of Special Investigation officers Including departments within the Government Center As well as people Living in neighborhoods To utilize the benefits of exercise Responding to government policies In the campaign to encourage Public exercise For sustainable good health, with Pol.Col. Paisit Wongmuang, Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation, along with Mr Traiyarit Techahiwong, Mr. Monol Kaewkao, Pol. Special cases and executives welcomed on November 6, 2019 at the Fitness Center, Department of Special Investigation.

Mr. Chuchat Munrongthamtham Assistant Director Is a representative of the Director of the Government Lottery Office Giving gifts on Children’s Day and participating in National Children’s Day activities for the year 2020. Organized by Nonthaburi Municipality. In the event there were performances of children and youth. With exhibitions to enhance learning skills and many fun activities With children and youth Participated in a large number on January 11, 2020 at the Nonthaburi City Municipality, Bang Kraso Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi District Nonthaburi Province