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Ehsaas is the greatest and boldest program at any point propelled in Pakistan to inspire underestimated individuals. Ehsaas is one of a kind in light of its:

Scale: It is as of now an umbrella activity of 134 approaches and programs, and the rundown is developing

Multisectoral character: 34 offices of the government and all combining units are entrusted to execute Ehsaas

Broadness and profundity: Ehsaas addresses state to catch, social assurance, occupations, and human capital turn of events

The procedure of detailing: 23 meetings were held over a 45-day arranging period; 359 specialists were officially counseled

Administration and Integrity Policy: The way toward executing Ehsaas started with the Governance and Integrity Policy

Institutional plans: another division has been made to actualize Ehsaas and there will be a proper system of commitment with the private area

Subsidizing: for social insurance has been multiplied in spite of budgetary requirements

The Policy proclamation identifying with Ehsaas can be gotten to here.

Interviews on the Ehsaas Strategy will be progressing in the long stretches of August and September 2020.

The status of key Ehsaas activities are as under:

The way toward building up the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) 2020 has been 20% finished. New information about individuals’ financial conditions will be the premise of all advantages from 2020, onwards

One-window Ehsaas for social insurance and vocations will help recipients and lessen duplication and misuse (programming is being created, arrangement: November 2020)

Kifalat changes will empower money related and computerized consideration of around 6 million ladies through the “One Woman One Account” activity (acquirement process closes October fifteenth, the arrangement from there on)

To help family units during the monetary progress Food Rations activity will a help food utilization of 1 million defenseless families (will start arrangement by September 30)

Pakistan’s first stun situated exactness security net Tahafuz will help those that have endured a calamitous occasion (venture set up, acquisitions in the pipeline, beginning stage 1 finish of October 2020). Tahafuz will likewise change the individual money related help arrangement of Pakistan Bait ul Mal

20,000 legitimacy and requirements based undergrad Ehsaas grants will begin for understudies from low-salary families and slacking locale in September 2020

To address hindering in kids, particular sustenance food activity for moms and kids as long as 2 years is in the last phase of arranging (pilot begins in November 2020)

Instruction contingent money move program is being presented in slacking regions of Pakistan empowering out-of-younger students to obtain training. A sum of 2.5 million youngsters, half of which would be young ladies will profit by this throughout the following 3 years

500 computerized center points will be built up at the Tehsil level for helpless families with restricted chances. Significant open assets and data will be made available to make open doors for helpless families to graduate out of neediness.

Another arrangement for the in an unexpected way abled has been declared in July 2020. This will affect 2.5% of the nation’s populace. The NADRA-guaranteed in an unexpected way abled will get Insaf Insurance cards and will have widespread access to assistive gadgets. The 1% share for impaired government workers in government convenience, 2% quantity for the handicapped in Naya Pakistan lodging plan, and 2% amount in business will be carefully actualized

For insurance of vagrant youngsters in Pakistan, just because, chip away at the new arrangement for halfway houses, has started to specify gauges for these offices and to improve quality. Four new halfway houses—Dar-ul-Ehsaas—have been built up over the most recent 1 year

The Poverty Alleviation Coordination Council’s foundation is being used to create organizations with the private area, and soon a social associations stage will be reported

Trust for Voluntary Organizations (TVO) has been absolutely non-useful throughout the previous 5 years; 57 representatives have not had any job throughout the previous 5 years. TVO has been given another order and through an open notice process it’s board is being reconstituted

The Ehsaas Labor Expert Group has met multiple times over the most recent three months and has given its primer report. One of its suggestions, which includes steadily carrying the casual laborers into the standardized savings net has been endorsed by the Cabinet for usage. The approach involves obligatory financial balances as of the underlying advance to formalization and to implement the lowest pay permitted by law

The National Poverty Graduation Initiative (NPGI) was propelled on July 5, 2020. This Rs. 42.65 billion NPGI is being turned out in more than 100 slacking locales the nation over and will affect 16.28 million individuals with half recipients being ladies. Advances will likewise be given qualified youth, in an unexpected way abled individuals, transgender, minorities, and underestimated networks in the slacking locale. As a major aspect of this, 80,000 intrigue free advances will be allowed out each month for the following 4 years and in excess of 220,000 resource moves will be made

To create answers for neediness at scale, the Cabinet has endorsed the Solutions Innovation Policy. Through a serious procedure, private segment accomplices will be distinguished to give arrangements at scale. The first round of nine arrangement difficulties will be propelled before the finish of August 2020

Free availability of information will be guaranteed through the District Development Portal in which destitution and other financial markers over Pakistan’s areas will be accessible to policymakers and general society (entrance created, and last round of information is being entered, sending October 2020)

PBM is guiding new activities. One Great Home for old residents has been built up in Karachi. Road kids have been taken a crack at its Schools for Rehabilitation of Child Labor. PBM has begun enrollments for help towards Cochlear Implants. In its Women Empowerment Centers, PBM has built up Management Committees to improve administration conveyance.

To systematize uprightness and great administration in security net organizations, PASSD has given the Ehsaas administration and respectability strategy which has 31 components. This is authoritative on all Ehsaas actualizing offices; read increasingly about its status of usage

Ehsaas Tracking – Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme

احساس پروگرام اس پوسٹ پر اپنے سوال کمنٹس میں لکھیں آپ کی راہنمایي کی جاے گی آپ کی مدد ہمارا نصب العین ہے ھم اپ کی کیا مدد کر سکتے ھین احساس پروگرام کے بارے میں آپ کے ہر سوال کا جواب ھم دیں گے

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday declared the dispatch of Mazdoor-Ka-Ehsaas activity in a message he sent to Pakistan as well as the world on Labor Day.

In his message, he said that the activity is one of the columns under the administration’s need social security and neediness lighting program.

It will be planned for creating social assurance measures for laborers in the casual segment.

PM Imran likewise featured the approaches attempted for the government assistance of abroad Pakistani specialists under the Ehsaas activity, for example, improving the number and nature of institutional plans that are liable for securing transient laborers, making on the web interfaces to encourage them, arrangements with have nations planned for expanding the term of the main agreement of vagrant specialists and endowments on air tickets for the laborers who haven’t got back for a long time.

He said his administration was attempting to reinforce the work advertise and have the arrangement to make 10 million employments more than five years in key parts like lodging, SMEs, ICT, wellbeing, instruction, green economy, and the travel industry.

The legislature is centered around directing work showcase alongside an occupation situation instrument upheld by open private associations to improve aptitude coordinating; authorization of least wages; representatives social government assistance and measures against working environment provocation, the chief kept up in his message.

He likewise said that Pakistan will join the worldwide network today to recognize Labor Day and pay tributes to the courageous battle and forfeits rendered by the laborers in Chicago for maintaining their major rights and guaranteeing a reasonable workplace.

Imran said that noteworthy day additionally managed the chance to perceive the important commitments that laborers gain for the ground and advancement of nations everywhere throughout the world.

I accept this open door to congratulate the laborers with the conviction and certainty that they will end up being our accomplice in acknowledging Naya Pakistan and keep on taking an interest in the improvement of the nation with restored energy and power, PM said.

President Dr. Arif Alvi additionally emphasized the administration’s promise to successfully secure the privileges of laborers to assist them with meeting rising difficulties of globalization.

President in his message said the legislature will do its most extreme to enhance and improve the financial states of laborers.

He said that this day isn’t just a token of the battle of laborers yet additionally an affirmation of their significance for national development and progress.

راشن حاصل کرنے کی درخواست


وزیراعظم کے کووڈ۔19 ریلیف فنڈ سے امداد کےلۓ درخواست



اسلام آباد: وزیر اعظم عمران خان نے بدھ کے روز مزدور ڈے کے موقع پر دنیا بھر کے ساتھ ساتھ پاکستان بھیجا اپنے ایک پیغام میں مزدور کا احسان سرگرمی بھیجنے کا اعلان کیا۔

اپنے پیغام میں ، انہوں نے کہا کہ یہ سرگرمی انتظامیہ کی ضرورت سے زیادہ سماجی تحفظ اور محتاج روشنی کے پروگرام کے تحت ایک کالم ہے۔

آرام دہ اور پرسکون طبقہ میں مزدوروں کے لئے معاشرتی یقین دہانی کے اقدامات پیدا کرنے کے لئے منصوبہ بنایا جائے گا۔

وزیر اعظم عمران نے اسی طرح احتساب سرگرمی کے تحت بیرون ملک پاکستانی ماہرین کی سرکاری مدد کے لئے کوشش کی جانے والی روش کو نمایاں کیا ، مثال کے طور پر ، عارضی مزدوروں کی حفاظت کے لئے موزوں تنظیمی منصوبوں کی تعداد اور نوعیت کو بہتر بنانا ، ان کی حوصلہ افزائی کے لئے ویب انٹرفیس پر تبادلہ خیال ، انتظامات کے ساتھ انتظامات کیا اقوام نے مزدوروں کے لئے طویل عرصے سے واپس نہیں ملنے والے اشتہاری ماہرین اور ہوائی ٹکٹوں پر وظیفے کے مرکزی معاہدے کی مدت میں توسیع کے لئے منصوبہ بنایا ہے۔

انہوں نے کہا کہ ان کی انتظامیہ اس کام کے اشتہار کو تقویت دینے کی کوشش کر رہی ہے اور اس میں 10 ملین ملازمتوں کو پانچ سال سے زیادہ کے اہم حصوں جیسے قیام ، ایس ایم ایز ، آئی سی ٹی ، خیریت ، ہدایت ، سبز معیشت ، اور ٹریول انڈسٹری میں بنانے کا انتظام ہے۔

مقننہ کے کاموں کے شوکیس کی رہنمائی کے ارد گرد مرکز ہے جس میں پیشہ ورانہ صورتحال کو بہتر بنانے کے لئے کھلی نجی انجمنوں کے ذریعہ برقرار رکھا گیا ہے۔ کم سے کم اجرت کی اجازت؛ نمائندہ سماجی حکومت کی مدد اور کام کرنے والے ماحول کی اشتعال انگیزی کے خلاف اقدامات ، چیف نے اپنے پیغام میں کہا۔

انہوں نے اسی طرح کہا کہ پاکستان آج عالمی یوم نیٹ ورک میں شمولیت کے لئے یوم مزدور کو تسلیم کرے گا اور شکاگو میں مزدوروں کے اپنے بڑے حقوق کو برقرار رکھنے اور معقول ملازمت کی جگہ کی ضمانت دینے پر بہادر جنگ اور خراج تحسین پیش کرے گا۔

عمران نے کہا کہ قابل ذکر دن اس کے علاوہ اہم ان وابستگیوں کا ادراک کرنے کا موقع فراہم کیا جو مزدوروں نے پوری دنیا میں ہر جگہ اقوام کی زمین اور ترقی کے لئے حاصل کیے ہیں۔

وزیر اعظم نے کہا کہ اس یقین اور یقین کے ساتھ مزدوروں کو مبارکباد دینے کے لئے میں یہ کھلا دروازہ قبول کرتا ہوں کہ وہ نیا پاکستان کو تسلیم کرنے میں ہمارے ساتھی بنیں گے اور بحالی توانائی اور طاقت کے ساتھ قوم کی بہتری میں دلچسپی لیتے رہیں گے۔

صدر ڈاکٹر عارف علوی نے اضافی طور پر عالمگیریت کی بڑھتی ہوئی مشکلات سے نمٹنے میں مزدوروں کی مراعات کو کامیابی کے ساتھ محفوظ بنانے کے انتظامیہ کے وعدے پر بھی زور دیا۔

صدر نے اپنے پیغام میں کہا کہ مقننہ مزدوروں کی مالی حالتوں کو بڑھانے اور ان کی بہتری کے لئے بھرپور کوشش کرے گی۔

انہوں نے کہا کہ یہ دن مزدوروں کی لڑائی کا صرف ایک نشان نہیں ہے بلکہ اس کے علاوہ قومی ترقی اور ترقی کے لئے ان کی اہمیت کا بھی ایک ثبوت ہے۔